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Weekly Peel Pads

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Our Weekly Peel Pad allows you to receive the benefits of a gentle chemical peel at home once per week for $1 per treatment!  Each cotton pad is pre-saturated with three key ingredients – glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid.  Glycolic acid works to stimulate healthy exfoliation.  Salicylic acid works to cleanse pores and  Lactic acid brings moisture back to the skin. Gentle enough for use on all skin types, but strong enough to deliver real results, the Weekly Peel Pad is a winner!  Apply once per night after cleansing the skin.  The first time you use our Pads, wash it off after 15-30 minutes and follow this with moisturizer.  You will find that you can quickly build up tolerance to the solutions and after a few weeks should be able to leave the peel pad on to work all night.  Wash off in the morning.  Your skin will look brighter.  Weekly Peel Pad is great for men and women receiving testosterone as the pads help reduce oilness.

If this is your first online order of this product we will need Dr Abbott to connect with you to ensure that the ingredients will not cause you irritation.  Please email him at [email protected] and provide the following information: Your full name, any history of skin sensitivities and list of allergies.  He will respond to you and to the shipping department.  Once Dr Abbott clears you to buy this item, refills from this site will ship automatically.  Thank you for your understanding.


$57.00 every 4 months



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